How to make a Wix Quiz with Quizpipe

by Tim Davidson
7 min read

How to create and install a Wix Quiz

If you have a Wix website, installing a quiz from most quiz platforms can be reasonably straightforward; provided you are given the right code. Quizzes are one of the easiest and best methods for building a user database. They can provide users with brief entertainment, test their knowledge on a particular subject, or help them find out something about themselves. You can use quizzes for all sorts of reasons, and many of these are mutually beneficial.

Using a website building platform like Wix is an easy way to get your website up and running, but if you want to add functionality that is not a staple of the platform, you’ll need to follow a few extra steps. In this short article we’ll show you how to create a quiz through Quizpipe and then install it into a Wix website. You can install a Wix quiz on any page of your website, however in the example we’ll show you we have installed it on the main home page. It can be a great idea to start with a small quiz while you're learning the method and then move onto creating a larger and better planned quiz at a later date.

How to Create your Wix Quiz

You can sign up and login to Quizpipe and start creating your quizzes immediately. As this is a learning experience, don’t be too concerned about the quiz at this stage. Especially as you can return later to edit it, correct any spelling errors, make changes to the layout including adding pictures, or altering the fonts and the way the quiz is scored. All changes to the quiz will be automatically updated and won’t need to be installed again on your Wix website.

When you log in to Quizpipe, look for the blue button marked ‘New Quiz’ and click on that. The user-friendly aspect of Quizpipe will take you through the six steps (technically seven, if you count publishing it) to create your new Wix quiz:

  1. Choose a name for your quiz.
  2. Select how you’d like your results to display (for this example we’ll choose category).
  3. Write how you’d like to define the results.
  4. Write the questions that your visitors will be asked.

    1. Choose the styling you prefer or stick with the default settings.
    2. Alter the elements of your quiz, including the quiz buttons and the user progress bar.
    3. Select the mapping for your answers, this will determine what result the users achieve based on their responses.

    Screenshot of a quizpipe quiz setup

  5. Design your results page, here you can add a background image and style the results as shown to your users.
  6. Then you have the publishing page, here you’ll see the embed code, this is what you’ll need to insert your quiz into your Wix website. You can copy this now and place it into a word document for later, or leave the page open while you edit your website.
  7. Hit publish and this will make your quiz live and visible to others.

Quizpipe publishing screen

After you publish the quiz it can be played, and results will be provided to your customers after they enter their email and name. This allows you to build your email list and you can send out a thankyou note or other marketing materials.

How to insert your Wix Quiz

There are only a few steps to insert your new Wix quiz. The time it takes will depend on how well versed you are in the nuances of the Wix platform. You can start by logging in to your Wix website and then clicking on the edit button on the lower left-hand menu. This will bring up your website and you can start adding in your new quiz content.

Wix predominantly works through a drag and drop design process, or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). In general, there are two ways of designing your website, using the Wix Editor or the Wix ADI. It doesn't matter which of the designers you use, the process is still mostly the same. You can follow this process and use the editor that is the most familiar to you, as that will save you time. In this example we’ll use the Wix editor.

Screenshot of the Wix creation wizard

Make sure you’re on the page that you’d like to install your quiz into. The option for this is in the top left corner of your editor. Navigate to the page you’d like to add your quiz, and click and drag any elements to make some room for it. Then you need to click, Add, Embed, and Embed a Widget.

Screenshot of Wix embedding option

This will insert a grey HTML box for you to enter code. The box will be quite small but don’t worry you can change that later. Click the button that says, ‘Enter Code’, then go back to you Quizpipe publish page (or word document) and copy the ‘Embed Code’ and paste it into the HTML settings, then hit apply. Then you can close the HTML settings window and you should see your newly embedded Wix quiz.

After that you can move around some of the elements of your Wix page so everything fits in perfectly. For the best results drag out the HTML element until the slider disappears, this will give your website a clean and finished look.

Screenshot of Quizpipe quiz on a Wix page

Then all you need to do is publish the website and give it a test run. When testing your Wix quiz, you’ll need to close the Quizpipe page to see your results. Make sure that everything is spelled correctly and that all your questions and sentences make sense.

How to use quizzes effectively

When you create a quiz using Quizpipe, you have a few different options for how you’d like to share it. Embedding the code into your Wix (or another) website is one way, but you can also share it through social media channels, and directly to your customers through email links.

Depending on the complexity of your quiz, you can have it as a standalone aspect of your website, or if it is a shorter quiz you can include it as a part of a larger piece of work. When quizzes are done right, in that they’re entertaining and enjoyable to complete, people tend to share them through social media channels and this can provide more leads for you to send informational and marketing emails.

For the best results make sure that your quiz relates to what you’re selling, or the service you're providing. For example, if you're a home lending broker, you may create a quiz based on if your current lender is providing the best services for you; on the flip side, you probably wouldn’t make a quiz asking what topping goes best on pancakes.

Signing up for Quizpipe is free and can be done in only a few minutes. Have a go at creating a quiz and then inserting it into your Wix website. You’ll find after a few minutes that it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

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