How to Use Quizzes to Test Students

by Tim Davidson
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Quizpipe as a Test Maker for Teachers

Regular testing of students is an excellent way to make sure that your teaching is effective. It can provide a basis for your students to know where they are at with their study materials and can lead to exploration for where they need to focus their studies. When you need a test maker for teachers, you can look to quiz builders such as Quizpipe. By using the quiz format, you can target specific parts of any teaching program. While we often think of teachers as being in the classroom, this is not the only place you will find teachers. You may be building a program to teach a new process at work, or perhaps you’ve developed a short course that you’re delivering through a website. Whatever subject you’re teaching you can use the tool available in Quizpipe as your test maker for teachers.

Why use quizzes?

Quizzes should not take the place of a final exam, usually because the results are immediately available and are an accompaniment to teaching. They can provide an excellent guide to progress. Your students can take a quiz after every lesson to see how much knowledge they retained. It can show them if they need to revisit some of the study materials. This is especially true if they have missed something important, that may not have been apparent on their first time around. If there is an instance where students are regularly missing the same question it can demonstrate that there may be a flaw in your teaching and this can, as a side benefit, lead to further development and make your teaching better.

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At their core, quizzes should be a short-based test, and it doesn’t need to be placed in a constructed environment (like exams are). A quiz should be easy to read and not overly long; quizzes that are too involved can actually backfire and see them not being completed. For best results we’d suggest listing about ten – twenty questions.

If you’re looking for a test maker for teachers, you may find the number and percentage style quiz is the most suited (although there are others to choose from). These will give your students quick feedback on how many questions they got correct. As they’ll need to fill out their email to gain their results, you can see how many times the quiz was completed by a certain student. This can give you a good idea for who is paying attention, and how many attempts it takes each student to get the correct results. If you find the most students are needing to complete the quiz many times to get the required result it may be that either the teaching materials need to be improved, or the quiz is not accurately laid out. In this instance seeking direct feedback from those that completed the quiz may be the best idea.

When to use a quiz in your teaching?

Ideally a quiz should be used whenever a subject is reaching its natural end. Most teaching courses are broken up into several stages, and it is at the end of each of these stages that you should deploy your quiz. For example, if you have a three-week course, you’ll likely have a main exam or assignment completed at the end which will test students’ knowledge on all subjects covered. Quizzes can be used to break up the content and put less pressure on that final exam or assignment. These can make your students feel more relaxed, especially as it can be shown how on track they are or if there are any gaps in their knowledge.

What to look for in a test maker for teachers?

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When you’re looking for a quiz building platform as a test maker for teachers, you want something that is accessible for all and where quizzes can be made fast and easily. At Quizpipe, we have spent the time to develop tools to make building quizzes easy. You won’t need to learn any new technology and our dashboard is very user friendly. We feel that the hardest part of building a quiz should be the development of questions and answers, which is something that most teachers are very apt at doing.

Using Quizpipe to develop quiz style tests

You can sign up for an account with Quizpipe in a few minutes, and start using it as a test maker for teachers immediately. There are three options to choose from and these are:

  • Category - once the user completes the quiz, they will be placed into a category based on what answers they provide.
  • Number and percentage - users will be given a score based on the answers they select.
  • Ranking - users will entered into different levels based on the answers they provide.

All of these quiz types can be used as an instructional tool. The one that you select to use is completely up to you and how you’d like results to be presented to your students. If you’re looking for an in-class test style quiz, we’d recommend the number and percentage quiz as this best reflects a scored environment that most tests operate on.

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The category quiz type can be used to collect qualitative data, as it can be used for what people think about a certain subject. For example, if you are analysing a film and the questions are something similar to, ‘what was the main antagonists’ motives?’. If you provide answers that offer your students choices that are more in line with what they may feel rather than a definitive correct response, you can assign them into a certain category. If you have enough questions relating to that topic you can total the answers and assign a student to a category that reflects their natural leanings on a certain subject.

You can use the ranking style quiz as a study tool, or as a precursor, to a test that may be taken later on. This style of test allows the students to see where they may sit in an actual exam. This style of quiz allows you to assign points to different answers, for example you can include an answer that is almost correct but not completely. While the student is not technically wrong, they’re not a hundred percent correct either. This quiz is perfect when you have questions that may be more important or more technical than others and therefore score more on the points scale.

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Use Quizzes to build on your course

When using a test maker for teachers, consider how it can help you and aid your students. With Quizpipe we make it easy to build and design amazing quizzes that can act as an aid and increase the effectiveness of your teaching. Most quizzes can be designed and deployed in only a few minutes. You can have your class complete them together, or send a link through email and they can complete it at home. You can use the analytics tools to see how many times a quiz has been completed and by whom.

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