How to set up questions and answers

By default, when you create a quiz it will look like this:

screenshot of a blank quiz in the quizpipe builder

Adding question and answer text

The first thing to do is the double click on the text that reads "Double click to edit question". This will allow you to write in whatever question you plan to ask.

Once the question is written in, you can move on to writing in your answers. To add an answer, first click on the text that reads "+ Add a new answer". Next, double click on the text that reads "double click to edit answer". You can repeat this process as many times as you need to add in all required answers.

Adding a new question

When you are ready to add a new question, simply click on the "+" on the right side menu.

adding new question in quizpipe builder screenshot of + symbol on side menu

After you have pressed this button a new question screen will be created. You can navigate back to the previous question by pressing the numbers on the right hand side menu.

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